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Sino-Huizhou Talent Outlook

Talent View

Heina Baichuan is the only one

Zhonghui Ecology believes that talent is the primary productive force of an enterprise. Therefore, Zhonghui attaches great importance to talents from the very beginning, and has always put talents in the first place of corporate strategic development. 16 years of development, exploration and summary have made us a set of effective talent concepts suitable for us in terms of selecting talents, using talents, educating talents, retaining talents, etc., which boils down to eight words: "Haina Baichuan, The only thing is to lift. "That is, we will use the broad mind of the sea to attract various social elites to join China . 一定会有一个舞台给你,快速发展中的中徽将拥有许多的空缺和机会,只要有才干,在中徽就能够得以施展。 As long as you are talented, there will be a stage for you in Zhonghui . The rapidly developing Zhonghui will have many vacancies and opportunities. As long as you are talented, you will be able to perform in Zhonghui. At the same time, we continue to optimize the human structure to provide employees with a good working environment and a fair and equitable career development space.

Employment View

The enterprise develops because of me, and I grow because of the enterprise; personal value comes from the enterprise, and enterprise value comes from the society.

Employee Benefits

While Zhonghui Ecology provides the industry with forward-looking development space and positions with competitive value, we are fully aware of the importance of salary and benefits to each employee and his family. Therefore, we absorb the overall salary dynamics of the industry externally, and the internal construction is in line with the company Factual compensation system. With a view to stabilizing the workforce, attracting talents, inspiring work enthusiasm, and creating high performance; achieving harmony between achieving organizational goals and personal development goals of employees.