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Dear friends,

After more than ten years of hardships and hardships, the people of China and Anhui have worked hard and worked hard. They have made remarkable achievements, achieved leapfrog development of the company's size and brand, and ranked among the first-class in the national garden industry. The first business epic.

People-oriented, advocating nature. Man is born by nature, and beauty is by man. The essence of beauty is harmony of nature. The mission of Zhonghui Ecology is to improve the living environment, sow green life, make mountains and rivers greener, and make the sky bluer; esteem the sages' thoughts of "dharma and nature, unity of heaven and man", and create a harmonious blend of man and nature.

The lofty ideals, firm core values, and courageous execution are the cornerstones of the rapid development of Zhonghui Group. Zhonghui Group is determined to achieve the strategic goal of “First-class Chinese Gardens, First-class Brands, First-class Teams, and Creating Garden Carriers”. The spirit of “Loyalty, Responsibility, Passion, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Implementation” has been deeply integrated into the soul of the company. , "Integrity, Quality, Efficiency, Service, Innovation" business policy has become our guide to action.

Our credo for success: do simple things over and over, do things over and over again, and do things forever; set goals, persevere, and constantly surpass your dreams. We advocate "the great things in the world must be done in detail; the difficult things in the world must be made easy"; We practice safety first, quality first, quality in our hands and safety in our hearts; products come from character, and quality comes from elaboration.

Dare to travel thousands of miles across the Yangtze River, so that we can catch the sky with the waves. "We will cooperate with all walks of life with more open minds and better services, and join hands with tomorrow to seek common development and create brilliant!

Chairman of Zhonghui Ecological Company: Huang Minghua