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为生态家园扮绿,为美丽中国添彩,为中徽员工造福,为回报社会尽责。 [Purpose of the enterprise] Putting green on the ecological homeland, adding color to the beautiful China, benefiting the employees of Zhonghui, and fulfilling the responsibility for returning the society.
[Company Mission] Inherit and innovate Chinese garden culture and create a healthy and beautiful ecological environment.
[Business philosophy] Performance comes first, efficiency comes first; results-oriented, data speak; value co-creation, benefit sharing.
与员工共发展,与股东共分享,与社会共进步,与自然共和谐。 [Corporate Core Values] Co-development with employees, sharing with shareholders, progress with society, and harmony with nature.
爱国、敬业、诚信、友善。 [Employee Value Principles] Patriotism, dedication, integrity and friendliness.
诚信、优质、高效、创新。 [Business policy] Integrity, quality, efficiency and innovation.
打造园林市政行业最具竞争力的企业品牌。 [Strategic objective] To create the most competitive corporate brand in the garden municipal industry.
打造中徽百年品牌,成就中徽辉煌伟业。 [Corporate Vision] Build a century-old brand in China and Huizhou, and achieve the glorious cause of China and Anhui.
务实竞争,开放创新。 [Enterprise spirit] Pragmatic competition, openness and innovation.
忠诚、责任、激情、担当、协作、执行。 [Team spirit] Loyalty, responsibility, passion, responsibility, collaboration, execution.
明晰化分工,标准化运营,制度化执行,责任化落实,规范化管理。 [Management philosophy] Clear division of labor, standardized operation, institutionalized implementation, responsible implementation, and standardized management.
先做人,后做事;思想决定梦想,视界决定世界;思路决定出路,想法决定做法,人脉决定命脉。 [Marketing Philosophy] Be the first person to do things later; thoughts determine dreams, vision determines the world; ideas determine the way out, ideas determine the approach, and contacts determine the lifeblood.
企业因我而发展,我因企业而成长;个人价值源于企业,企业价值源于社会。 [Employment concept] The enterprise develops because of me, and I grow because of the enterprise; personal value originates from the enterprise, and enterprise value originates from the society.
无道不成器,无德不成才,无信不立世! [Ethics] There is no way to achieve nothing, no virtue to become talented, no faith to stand up!
格局决定结局,态度决定高度。 [View of life] The situation determines the outcome, and the attitude determines the height.
学习启迪智慧,知识改变命运,信念成就未来。 [Learning concept] Learning inspires wisdom, knowledge changes destiny, and faith makes the future.
责任所在,请勿推辞;责任胜于能力,锁定责任才能锁定结果。 [Responsibility] Where the responsibility lies, please do not quit; responsibility is better than ability.
产品源自人品,精品源于精心。 [Quality View] The products are derived from character, and the quality comes from elaborate.
静坐常思己过,闲谈莫论人非;与人为善,以诚相待。 [Interpersonal view] Sit back and think about yourself, talk nonsense about others; treat others with kindness and treat each other with sincerity.
生于忧患,死于安乐;没有远虑,必有近忧;失败源于安逸,成功始于进取。 [Crisis View] Born from sorrow and death from ease; without far-sightedness, there must be near sorrow; failure stems from ease, and success begins with progress.
思想决定行动,行动决定习惯,习惯决定品质,品质决定命运。 [Competitiveness] Thought determines action, action determines habit, habit determines quality, and quality determines destiny.
简单事立即办,复杂事限时办,特殊事紧急办。 [Work as soon as possible] Simple things are done immediately, complex things are done within a limited time, and special things are done urgently.
凡事有章可循,凡事有人负责,凡事有人监督,凡事有据可查。 [Four Everythings] There are rules to follow in all things, there is someone responsible for everything, there is supervision for everything, and everything is well documented.
细节到位,领导到位,责任到位,制度到位,考核到位。 [Five in place] Details in place, leadership in place, responsibility in place, system in place, and assessment in place.