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Zhonghui Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. was formerly known as China Huiyuan Garden Construction Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 83.06 million yuan. It is the only one in Anhui Province with Grade A qualification for national landscape architecture design, Grade 1 qualification for landscape greening, Grade 2 qualification for general public contracting, and building decoration Class I qualification, Grade I qualification for ancient buildings, Grade II qualification for urban and road lighting engineering, Grade II qualification for building curtain walls, Grade III qualification for water conservancy and hydropower general contracting, Grade III qualification for general construction contracting, Grade III qualification for environmental protection professional contracting, There are 13 qualifications including steel structure engineering professional contracting third-level qualification, foundation foundation engineering professional contracting third-level qualification, and construction labor service enterprise qualification. The company's main businesses are landscaping, ecological environment restoration, water and soil pollution control, smart ecological construction, and technological innovation. Since 2012, it has been the top 50 Chinese gardening enterprises for three consecutive years, and has been awarded the certification of three standards. It is a national high-tech enterprise. It is a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province and a leading enterprise in forestry industrialization in Anhui Province. "Credit-worthy" enterprises, China's construction industry AAA credit units, Hefei City is concerned about the next generation of advanced units, Anhui Province is concerned about the next generation of top ten companies. The company has funded more than 2.1 million yuan for poor students, party members in difficulty, homes for the elderly, and schools, and has paid an annual national tax of more than 20 million yuan.
The company has more than 50 invention patents and utility model patents, and was awarded the Hefei Garden Machinery and Equipment Research Center; there are 10,500 acres of nurseries in Hefei Xinqiao, Lujiang and Huangshan. The company's contract output value in 2017 was 1.7 billion yuan.
The major projects that the company has constructed today include: Beijing 7th Flower Expo Outdoor Landscape Project, Shanghai Celebrity Garden Park, Shanghai Tangqiao Park, Shanghai Songjiang University City Comprehensive Landscape Project, Beijing Zhang Guoli Deng Jiefan Zeng Pan Shiyi Family Courtyard Project, Xi'an Datang Furong Garden Landscape Project, Jiangsu Jianhu Yulan River Landscape, Haiwanquan Yintan Residential District in Northwest Guangxi, Xinjiang Qitai Nanhu Center Village Municipal Comprehensive Project, Xinjiang Altay Klan Park, Chongqing Central Park Project, Heilongjiang Daqing Venture City Landscape project, Henan Zhengzhou Sculpture Park landscape project, Sanya Baying hot spring landscape project in Hainan Province, Sanya Haitang Bay Riverfront Park project, Hainan Ecological Software Park comprehensive landscape and river improvement project, Hefei Xinqiao Airport Gaoliu Lake landscape project, Hefei New High-speed greening of Bridge Airport, greening of Huannan Road in Binhu New District of Hefei, greening of Hefei Innovation Avenue, environmental engineering of Wuhu financial service area, Ma'anshan Hongguang road drainage project, Huaibei Dinghu governance project, Tongling Municipal Party School landscape project, Qianshan Martyrs Cemetery Engineering, Lu'an G312 greening, Huangshan Narnia Primary School Town Landscape Project, Fuyang Delta Park Project, Fuyang Airport Road Greening Project, Anqing Linghu Scenic Area Lake Surrounding Greening, Mengcheng Daokou Industrial Park Greening Road Drainage Project, Lujiang County Government Affairs Center Landscape, Lujiang Development Zone Road Greening, Chaohu City Living Water City project, Chaohua City West Ring City River Ecological Restoration Project, Fuyang Fuying River Park, Greening of Chaohu Binhu Avenue, Bengbu Wuhe County Longhe Rehabilitation and Longhu Park Project, Lu'an Yeji People's Square Municipal Landscape Project, Hefei New Station District Wenjingyuan Community Landscape Project, Fuyang Yingdong Main Gully River Main Main Canal Treatment Project, Yinzhou Citizen Square Project, Mingguang City Jiashan Park Project, Mengcheng Chengnan New District Central Park Project, Lu'an Luohe River Treatment Project, Hanshan County Waterfront Section E of the park, Hanshan County wetland park project, Hanshan County S226 line Liu Wudaokou to Lishanzui greening project, Hanshan Ruitai Yufu landscape project, including Shandong Menhe landscape section C and Dongshan Road road project, Hanshan County waterfront Section E of the park, Luzhou Wetland Park project, Xinglin Park, Jiashi County, Xinjiang PPP project of Huyanglin Park Ecological Park, Shanxi Province Taiyuan City established garden city Fenhe Park and other PPP projects including 550 key national garden municipal engineering projects across the country; 217 of these projects won the National Garden Gold Award, Huangshan Cup, Peony Cup, Luzhou Cup, Amber Cup, Guangyulan Award, 皋City Cup, Garden Cup and other honors.

[Corporate Core Values] Co-development with employees, sharing with shareholders, progress with society, and harmony with nature.
[Company Mission] Inherit and innovate Chinese garden culture and create a healthy and beautiful ecological environment.
[Purpose of the enterprise] Putting green on the ecological homeland, adding color to the beautiful China, benefiting the employees of Zhonghui, and fulfilling the responsibility for returning the society.
[Business philosophy] Performance comes first, efficiency comes first; results-oriented, data speak; value co-creation, benefit sharing.
Company Headquarters: 6F / 7F, Building 7, Shenzhen Port City, Xiangyou Road, Xiangzhang Avenue, High-tech Zone, Hefei
Contact phone: 0551-657332628-865
Email: zhsthj888@163.com
Website: touei-g.com